Fracture 1.4

Let your screensaver go fractal


  • Good choice of impressive fractal images
  • Configure your own fractal
  • Control your fractal


  • May seem a little technical to some users

Very good

Fracture brings fractal image screensavers back into fashion on your Mac.

Sure, you'll say, fractal images looked cool ten years back, but what about nowadays when there are so many sleek screensavers to choose from?

Well, Fracture just goes to show how much fractals still have a place on your Mac.

The application offers eight different fractal images, from Julia Sets to an Attraction Basin or a Mandelbrot Set, each more impressive than the other.

Animations are smooth and seamless and can look really nice on a big screen. One of the features I particularly liked is that you can actually control the image as it develops, skipping images you don't like or keeping the best ones.

Fracture can also display fractals on multiple monitors and use antialiasing to get better image quality.

I recommend delving into Fracture's preference menu.

This is where you'll be able to configure your fractal. You won't be able to create an image from scratch, but at least you'll be able to adjust the preexisting ones.

Have sets dissolve or subdivide, mix up different images, use orbit traps or perform binary decompositions to get something different. Less advanced users shouldn't worry about all these technical terms though.

Even if you don't know what all of them mean you can still play around and add effects until you come up with something good. The application features a preview screen to let you see your creation before applying it to your Mac.

Fracture is a screensaver for OS X (now compatible with 10. 5 and Intel! ) that creates a wide variety of fractal images. It can render the Mandelbrot Set, Julia Sets, Self-Squared Dragons, and Attraction Basin fractals generated using Newton's Method, Halley's Method, and two other root-finding algorithms.

It can make images using advanced fractal imaging techniques like orbit traps, periodicity analysis, and binary decomposition, and it can use several different parameterizations for even greater image variety.

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Fracture 1.4

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